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Help businesses striving to maintain relevance in their markets through sustainable actions.

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We Are BluWin

BluWin is a leading integrated service provider to the textile, leather, apparel and footwear industries.
Our expert solutions are designed to allow global Brands & Retailers and their local value chain partners to accelerate their journey towards sustainable production and a circular economy.

Consulting Services

To reduce the environmental footprint from textile, leather, apparel and footwear production. Our interdisciplinary subject matter experts work across 6 areas:

  • Regenerative by design
  • Sustainable materials
  • Processing excellence
  • Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)
  • Clean chemistry
  • Climate positive

ZDHC MRSL v.2 Level 3 Conformance Certifications

Apply for your ZDHC MRSL v.2 Level 3 Conformance Certification today to:

  • Confirm chemical product claims regarding ZDHC MRSL 2.0 conformance
  • Get a health check on the robustness of your internal system and processes to produce Level 3 conformant chemistry consistently, lot over lot
  • Achieve manufacturing excellence
  • Increase confidence of your clients, who can procure MRSL 2.0 conformant chemicals confident
  • Remain relevant in a market where sustainability becomes a business imperative

Higg FEM Verifications

Partner with global experts at BluWin to get the most from your Higg FEM Verification. The self-assessment is your first step to benchmark yourself with industry peers. Our approved Higg FEM Verifiers will:

  • Measure and quantify the sustainability impacts of your facility
  • Help you reduce redundancy in measuring and reporting your sustainability efficiencies
  • Create a common means and language to communicate sustainability to all your stakeholders

BluWin Academy

Industry Testimonials

"STS has been a highly valued, strategic partner for our organization, particularly in the development of our chemistry and wastewater best practices and the pilot to test them in textile mills. They have also helped our organization foster relationships with other influential experts and industry players. We're grateful to have the support of STS and Dr. Siva, which will continue to be critical to our programmatic success as we grow and scale."
Kurt Kipka, Vice President, Apparel Impact Institute
"In 2019 our chemical specialists’ team in production had a training with Dr. Siva Pariti from Sustainable Textile Solutions. Our need was to have hands on, practical training in a facility premises, combined with the high-level expertise and understanding on the root causes. Dr. Siva from Sustainable Textile Solutions has the exceptional knowledge in the industry and his passion and great experience made our team understand profoundly more about textile chemistry within detox and well as made the training hours fly. We are looking forward for the next trainings with Sustainable Textile Solutions. "
Veera Sinnemäki – Chemical Program Manager at H&M

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